SEO Jobs in Garland, TX (2024 Case Study)

May 17, 2024

Recently, we reviewed 235 SEO jobs in Garland, TX, a city just outside Dallas, TX, to learn more about SEO specialist salaries in the area. The Average Salary for SEO Jobs in Garland, TX, is $64,737 (1.1% More Than the National Average)After collecting data, we found that SEO jobs in Garland, TX, pay 1.1% above the national average, at $64,737 per year. 73.6% of Garland, TX, Jobs are On-SiteSomething else to note is that 73.6% of all SEO jobs in Garland, TX, are on-site. Most Jobs Require Mid-Level Experience in Garland, TXWhen it comes to experience, Garland SEO jobs mostly expect mid-level experience. There is a load of SEO jobs here, and even more, in places like Fort Worth, Plano, TX, Irving, TX, and Carrollton, TX, making Texas a hotspot for SEO jobs.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO