SEO-friendly URL: Best Practices and Examples

May 23, 2024

Creating SEO-friendly URLs: Best Practices & ExamplesWritten by Maria Yefimenko Reviewed by Olena Karpova 20 min readAre URLs important for users and SEO? An SEO-friendly URL is also called a semantic or clean URL and has the following characteristics:it is not too longit has no characters that need encoding (spaces, “, <, >, #, %, |)it contains keywordsit is readable and easy-to-understandit includes a logical folder structureit has HTTPS instead of HTTPNeed SEO-friendly URL examples? How to create an SEO-friendly URL structureNow, we know that URLs that are not SEO-friendly are really bad. SEO-friendly URL example: URL example: keywords in URL are usually enough to provide a user and the search engine with the necessary information. Note that a static URL doesn’t mean an SEO-friendly URL by default.

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