SEO Bite #5 – Use Regex to Find Untapped Keywords

November 28, 2023

You can use Regex (short for “Regular Expression”) and Google Search Console to find untapped keywords for free. Open Google Search Console > go to “Performance” > click on “Search Results”:2. Copy the regex below for keywords with informational intent:\b(how|what|why|when|where|is|can|does|which|who|guide|tutorial|tips|advice|definition|meaning|example|list|ways to|steps|best time|history|facts|overview|benefits|explanation)\bCopy this regex for keywords with commercial intent:\b(buy|purchase|discount|cheap|sale|deal|offer|order|shop|price|quote|for sale|bargain|special|promo|promotion|coupon|buy online|order online|best price|best deal|low cost|affordable)\b5. For example, my “learn SEO” page is ranking #57 for “is SEO easy to learn.”Even if I integrate this concept into the page, it still likely won’t perform well because it doesn’t specifically answer that question. Based on this, it’s clear that creating a dedicated page for “is SEO easy to learn” is the right move.

The source of this news is from Gotch SEO