Robots.txt file: How to Set it Up Properly and Check it After

June 07, 2023

In this article, we will delve into the details of what a robots.txt file is, how to configure it, and how to check if the file is working properly. User-agent: [bot name]Disallow: /[path to file or folder]/Disallow: /[path to file or folder]/Disallow: /[path to file or folder]/Sitemap: [Sitemap URL]Now, let’s explore a few examples of what a robots.txt file might look like. However, if you have made modifications to your robots.txt file and want to promptly update Google’s cached version, you’ll need to learn how to submit an updated robots.txt file. You can easily check your Robots.txt file with SE Ranking’s free Robots.txt Tester. This tool also makes it easy to identify whether you have added a link to the sitemap file in the robots.txt file.

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