Reverse Video Search Guide: Definition, Benefits, and Top Tools

May 24, 2024

Here’s how a reverse video search looks on Google:This type of search can provide the original source of the video (as shown above) and other places the video has been published. Like this:And a reverse video search differs from traditional search that uses keywords and phrases to search for videos. Further reading: Video SEO: How to Get Your Videos Ranked on GoogleHow to Reverse Search a Video on DesktopUse one—or more—of the tools below to perform your reverse search. Reverse Video Search on Mobile: iOS and AndroidRunning a reverse video search on mobile devices is similar to desktop searches. First, get a screenshot from the video you want to reverse search:To take a screenshot on an iPhone , press the power button and the “volume up” button simultaneously, press the power button and the “volume up” button simultaneously To take a screenshot on an Android phone, press the power button and “volume down” button simultaneouslyThen, use the following apps to do a reverse video search with your screenshot:Google (iOS, Android)(iOS, Android) Image Search: Reverse Search (iOS, Android)(iOS, Android) Reverse Image Search - Multi (Android)(Android) Reverse Image Search App (iOS)Why Use a Reverse Video Search?

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