Revealing Average Screen Time Statistics for 2024

March 12, 2024

In the US, average screen time per day hit 7 hours and 3 minutes . Average Screen Time WorldwideAs of Q3 2023, on average users aged 16 to 64 worldwide spent 6 hours and 40 minutes per day on screens across various devices. That equals to 46 hours and 40 minutes for average screen time per week among worldwide internet users. Here’s a table with average screen time among worldwide internet users since Q3 2013:Note: There were changes in methodology for calculating average screen time in 2023 and direct comparison with previous years may not be comparable. On average, screen time in the US remained almost unchanged since 2021 (from 7 hours 4 minutes in 2021 to 7 hours 3 minutes in 2023).

The source of this news is from Backlinko