Reveal New Growth Opportunities with More SERP Feature Data

April 11, 2023

Now, you can see if your competition is benefiting from the SERP features they rank for, and then use this data to find more opportunities for growth. Previously, SERP feature rankings and organic positions were grouped together in one row. You can now track:SERP feature positions and estimated traffic separate from traditional organic positionsSERP feature trends over time on a daily basisEstimated traffic a domain gets from SERP features aloneWhich SERP Features Do We Now Track? And you can see new SERP feature data in the following tools:Why Is It Important to Track SERP Feature Data? 2) SERP features that are independent of an organic positionThe second group is SERP features that are detached from a standard organic ranking.

The source of this news is from Semrush