Repurposing content with AI: Streamlining blog roundups and skyscraper posts

March 06, 2024

A range of AI tools specifically designed for content creation, image generation and video production to incorporate into your workflow. From a user perspective, a roundup blog post brings together multiple expert views of a topic. Repurposing content with AI can make the workflow for blog roundups and skyscraper posts much more efficient. Dig deeper: Using generative AI to improve existing content: Top tips + sample promptsAI sandwich: The process of building helpful content with AI and human inputThere are concerns that using AI tools will lead to content being deemed “unhelpful.” To support the quality guidelines and their human raters, the best use of AI tools may be an “AI sandwich” where:Humans write prompts. You can create blog content, visual content with image generation programs and podcast episodes – as either video or audio.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land