Repurposing Content: How to Get More Out of Every Piece

December 06, 2023

Content repurposing (also called content recycling) is the practice of adapting existing pieces of content to use them for different formats or platforms. Identify Content Repurposing OpportunitiesYour high-performing evergreen content is great for repurposing. See how HubSpot repurposed a statistic from their report on remote work into an interesting visual for Instagram:Content Repurposing ExamplesLet’s dive into a few concrete ways you try content repurposing. Turning Webinar Recordings into Multiple Content PiecesAs they’re typically educational and value-packed, webinars are ideal for repurposing into different content formats. Content Repurposing Across Different PlatformsAfter you’ve repurposed existing content into new formats, think about how you’re going to promote that content.

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