Referring Domains: Are They More Important Than Backlinks?

February 17, 2023

In this post, we will therefore take a look at referring domains and explain:What referring domains exactly areWhat is the difference between referring domain and backlinkHow to get more referring domains (and backlinks) for your websiteWhat is the referring domain? A referring domain (or linking domain) is an external website that is “referring” to your site with backlinks. Referring domains vs. backlinksAlthough the terms “backlinks” and “referring domains” are sometimes used interchangeably, it is important to understand the difference between them (for SEO purposes):Backlink – a single hyperlink from an external website that leads to your site. For example: If website A provides 2 backlinks to website B, then website B obtained 2 backlinks and 1 referring domain. If website A and website B provide 2 backlinks each to website C, then website C obtained 4 backlinks and 2 referring domains.

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