Reddit shown excessively in Google product review search results, study finds

February 16, 2024

Reddit shows up 97.5% of the time in Google Search product review queries and accounts for nearly two-thirds of the slots reserved for Google’s Discussions and forums SERP feature, a new analysis finds. Overall, 766 individual forums appeared, but just Reddit and Quora had 3X greater visibility than every other forum:Reddit appeared in 7,509 results and was featured 14,263 times. You can read the full Detailed analysis here: The Discussion Forums Dominating 10,000 Product Review Search Results. After publishing this article, a Reddit spokesperson contacted Search Engine Land with concerns about the Detailed report, calling it “flawed and misleading.” The spokesperson told me:“The examples that are shared appear cherry-picked. Google is sending more product review traffic because we have good and legitimate product reviews.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land