Reddit Sells Data to Google For $60M a Year

February 29, 2024

Surprise: Reddit’s $60 Million Content Deal with GoogleWritten by Anna Postol Reviewed by Olena Karpova 1 min readWhile users followed the multi-episode drama between Reddit and Google, speculations arose about whether Google would remove Reddit from its SERPs or if Reddit would block itself from being indexed in the SERPs. And then, Reddit shocked everyone by selling its content to…guess who – Google! Rajan Patel Vice President Google now has access to Reddit’s Data API, which delivers real-time, structured, unique content from their large and dynamic platform. With the Reddit Data API, Google will now have efficient and structured access to fresher information, as well as enhanced signals that will help us better understand Reddit content and display, train on, and otherwise use it in the most accurate and relevant ways. Reddit data is now being directly fed to Google; a clear signal that Reddit content will soon appear more in Google SERPs.

The source of this news is from SE Ranking