ProRankTracker Adds A New SERP-Checking Tool: Insta-Check

April 26, 2023

Maybe you’re already using ProRankTracker, but wish you had the ability to expand your SERP research capability without reconfiguring your account. If you’re looking for new SEO opportunities without overhauling your dashboard’s long-term SEO campaign keywords, give Pro Rank Tracker’s new Insta-Check tool a try. If you aren’t using ProRankTracker, but you want to rank in the top position of Google, the key is to:Track your SEO rankings in a trusted rank-tracking tool. How your competitors were able to achieve their positions – especially when used in conjunction with our new Insta-Check tool. Be sure to verify each keyword’s search intent by examining the intention behind the user’s searches.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal