Paragraph length check: Why and how to write shorter paragraphs

February 15, 2024

VAT) Get Yoast SEO Premium » Read reviews from real users 4.6 / 5The paragraph length check in Yoast SEO (for WordPress or Shopify) tells you to write shorter paragraphs when they are too long. The paragraph length assessment checks the length of your paragraphs. Let’s break down the heading and paragraph structure of this post as an example:Why your paragraphs shouldn’t be too long Long paragraphs are bad for readabilityEasy to scan Long paragraphs make it difficult to scan a textWhat does a good paragraph look like? A good paragraph has more than two sentences and fewer than 200 words What does the paragraph length check do? ConclusionThe Yoast SEO paragraph length check warns you when you write paragraphs that are too long.

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