Out now: AI for SEO training course!

April 10, 2024

In our new AI for SEO training course, you’ll discover not only how to use AI, but also when to use it. This new online training course on AI for SEO will teach you the basics of AI and generative AI, as well as their impact on SEO and the web. The AI for SEO training course is an online and on-demand course, like every other Yoast SEO academy training course. If you have Yoast SEO Premium, Yoast SEO for Shopify or any other paid Yoast SEO product, you’ll find the new course in your Yoast SEO academy courses overview! Buy Yoast SEO Premium and get free access to Yoast SEO academy By purchasing Yoast SEO Premium, you get access to the AI for SEO training course, the full Yoast SEO academy library and all the features in Yoast SEO Premium!

The source of this news is from Yoast