OpenAI Investigates ‘Lazy’ GPT-4 Complaints On Google Reviews, X

December 11, 2023

This move comes after growing user feedback online, which even includes a one-star review on the company’s Google Reviews. OpenAI’s Google Review Score Affected By GPT-4 Performance, Billing IssuesThis explanation comes after weeks of user feedback about GPT-4 becoming worse on social media networks like X.Idk if anyone else has noticed this, but GPT-4 Turbo performance is significantly worse than GPT-4 standard. The experience led one user to leave a one-star rating for OpenAI via Google Reviews. A recent user on Product Hunt gave OpenAI a rating that also appears to be related to GPT-4 worsening. Google SGE Highlights Positive Google ReviewsIn addition to occasional complaints, Google reviewers acknowledged the revolutionary impact of OpenAI’s technology on various fields.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal