Omnichannel loyalty: Crafting a seamless customer experience

October 10, 2023

Traditional vs. omnichannel loyalty programsConventional loyalty programs typically rely on points accumulation for discounts or gifts. A robust omnichannel loyalty program is characterized by:Non-demanding approach: Beyond just purchasing, omnichannel loyalty programs focus on building brand loyalty by providing information, sharing brand narratives and offering incentives. The five key benefits of omnichannel loyaltyValuable insights: Omnichannel loyalty programs provide a comprehensive view of customer behavior, helping brands understand preferences and purchasing patterns. Doppelgänger, an Italian menswear retailer, aims to cultivate an exclusive community among its members through a seamless omnichannel loyalty program. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, omnichannel loyalty is non-demanding, immersive, informational and rewarding, fostering deeper customer connections.

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