New Open Source ChatGPT Clone – Called Dolly

March 28, 2023

Open Source GPT Chat took another step forward with the release of the Dolly Large Language Model (DLL) created by the Databricks enterprise software company. Open Source Large Language ModelsThe Dolly LLM is the latest manifestation of the growing open source AI movement that seeks to offer greater access to the technology so that it’s not monopolized and controlled by large corporations. Based on Open SourceDolly was created from an open source model created by the non-profit EleutherAI research institute and the Stanford University Alpaca model which itself that was created from the 65 billion parameter open source LLaMA model created by Meta. LLaMA, which stands for Large Language Model Meta AI, is a language model that is trained on publicly available data. Mozilla is the publisher of the Firefox browser and other open source software.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal