Negative SEO and How to Protect Your Website From It

February 21, 2023

Negative SEO techniques may be used by competitors who believe in the “all is fair in love and war” rule. Types of negative SEO attacksLike “positive” or traditional SEO, negative SEO can be approached in three different ways:Off-pageOn-pageNon-websiteSee more details about each of them below. On-page attacksThese negative SEO attacks usually involve site hacking and changing the SEO settings and parameters. It will help you detect problems that can result from negative SEO attacks on your website’s:SecurityCrawling and indexingSpeedRedirectsInternal and External linksTagsContentLAUNCH WEBSITE AUDIT Identify possible negative SEO attacks quickly and get fix tips! How to protect your website from negative SEOWe’ve already advised you on how to protect yourself from different attacks, but the following tips are the master key for avoiding negative SEO.

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