Navigating SEO Disruption According To Experts

February 19, 2024

Trend 2: Investment In Expert-Lead ContentAfter the disruption of AI content generation, online businesses should invest in expert-led content to differentiate themselves, increase their trustworthiness, and establish their authority. Effective log file analysis and understanding the Google Search Console (GSC) crawl stats report will be vital. SEO Is Not Dead – SEO Got BetterRyan Jones, SVP, SEO, RazorfishBe prepared for SEO to be declared dead multiple times, only to be replaced with something that looks a lot like SEO. In addition to the search engine side of AI adoptions, AI tools such as ChatGPT became available to the general public. SEO Isn’t Going AnywhereWhile there are claims that SEO and technical SEO are dead, this is far from the truth, and SEO will remain a vital aspect of digital marketing.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Journal