Microsoft’s Audience Network expansion: Higher CPCs, lower CTRs, no added value

November 14, 2023

Learn how the mandatory Audience Network expansion impacted this software company, which saw 26% of its budget spent with no added conversions or performance benefits. Advertisers who wanted to specifically run campaigns targeting only the Audience Network were encouraged to use Audience Ads campaigns, Microsoft’s version of a Google Ads Display campaign. Case study: Audience Network expansion increases costs, lowers resultsHere is an example of how the change has impacted an account for a software company after eight months of the network expansion being introduced. Findings:Between Feb. 23 and Oct. 23, 26.81% of the account's budget went toward the Audience Network expansion. The CTR for the Audience Network expansion was 0.14%, while CTR for Audience Ads running simultaneously was 0.49%.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land