Microsoft relaunches pubCenter, its Google AdSense alternative

October 29, 2023

Microsoft wants small and mid-sized publishers to use pubCenter to monetize their websites, using display and native ads from the Microsoft Advertising Network. Microsoft pubCenter is not new – it dates back to 2008 and has its own Wikipedia page – so I guess this is technically a relaunch? Basically, Microsoft today is positioning its 15-year-old Google AdSense alternative as a U.S.-only “pilot program.”This is also not to be confused with Microsoft Start, its Google News alternative, which also has numerous partnerships with publishers who can earn revenue when their content is read on the Start app. You can also place the Microsoft ad code on the same page alongside your other ads.”U.S. only. In Microsoft pubCenter, Google AdSense Alternative, Looking To Expand?

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land