Microsoft may replace Bing Search answers with Bing Chat responses

March 15, 2023

Bing may replace the standard answers you get at the top of the Bing Search results with Bing Chat answers. The current answers on Bing Search “use old technology and crowdsourcing” and that Bing “will replace them ASAP” with Bing Chat responses, Mikhail Parakhin, who leads up Bing Search and Bing Chat, said on Twitter over the weekend. This may result in a new user interface for the answers Bing Search provides to user queries directly in the Bing search results, Parakhin added. Improved Bing Search with Bing Chat integration is coming, Parakhin said:“It’s a tricky interaction, so the bugs keep creeping in.”Bing Chat growing. If Bing will replace featured snippet-like responses with Bing Chat responses, that might impact click-through rates and traffic to your websites.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land