Microsoft explains how Bing AI Chat uses ChatGPT and Search with Prometheus

February 23, 2023

Ever since Microsoft announced the new Bing AI search and chat experience, they have been mentioning technology called “Prometheus.” Early on, Prometheus was described as a model to power the integration of Bing Search and AI chat. Bing can also show answers such as weather, sports scores, news boxes, local results and/or even ads from Bing Search directly in the Bing Chat answers. Look at how Bing Chat took my query, “why does bing call their ai chat technology prometheus and what does it do?” and made it “bing ai chat technology prometheus.”Fresh answers. Microsoft’s blog post then went deeper into how Microsoft Bing thought about the user experience, how to merge the Bing Search product with the Bing Chat product. Understanding that Bing Chat AI leverages so much of the core Bing Search features is useful to know.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land