Meta Robots Tag & X-Robots-Tag Explained

June 12, 2023

A meta robots tag is HTML code that tells search engine robots how to crawl, index, and display a page’s content. Meta Robots vs. Robots.txtMeta robots tags and robots.txt files have similar functions but serve different purposes. The below table shows the supported values for each:Value Google Bing Baidu Yandex index Y Y Y Y noindex Y Y Y Y noimageindex Y N N N follow Y Y Y Y nofollow Y Y Y Y noarchive Y Y Y Y nocache N Y N N nosnippet Y Y Y Y nositelinkssearchbox Y N N N notranslate Y N N N max-snippet Y N N N max-video-preview Y N N N max-image-preview Y N N N indexifembedded Y N N N unavailableafter Y N N NWhat Is the X-Robots-Tag? An x-robots-tag serves the same function as a meta robots tag but for non-HTML files. Common Meta Robots Tag Mistakes to AvoidLet’s take a look at some mistakes to avoid when using meta robots and x-robots-tags.

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