Master the CX Trifecta in 2023: Data, Content & Tech

February 17, 2023

First-party data strategy and how to responsibly harness it as a competitive advantageHow our partners have used Acquia products to help real-life customers ensure their multi-site management is up to snuffMatching content production and utilization to customer desireThe tech you need to put the right content in front of customers at the right timeLooking ahead to 2023 and beyond, businesses worldwide are facing lots of uncertainty.One thing will remain constant throughout this period — customers expect excellent experiences when interacting with a brand. According to Acquia's latest CX Report, businesses plan to prioritize customer retention over the next 12 months: 56% plan to improve customer experience, and 58% will focus more on customer service.This should be a common goal. To weather a potential storm, businesses must keep customers by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.In this webinar, an expert panel will discuss the findings of Acquia’s latest Customer Experience Trends Report (based on data from 2,000 consumers and 200 marketers from the United States and the United Kingdom), including the CX trifecta: first-party data strategy, content, and composable technology.Register and attend this webinar to create the foundation for CX success this year and beyond!

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