Margin-based tracking: 3 advanced strategies for Google Shopping profitability

August 05, 2023

Transferring the COGS or product margin into a custom label enables you to segment Performance Max campaigns in margin-based clusters. Custom margin trackingThe most advanced and complex solution is to use custom margin tracking and set up a dedicated pixel. var costOfGoodsSold = {{custom.cost_of_goods_sold}}; var revenue = {{revenue}}; // Calculate profit var profit = revenue - costOfGoodsSold; console.log(profit);Using the profit variable as a revenue variable in the GTAG lets us purely track profit on our marketing activities. Profit-driven strategies for better advertising ROIProfitability-based tracking in Google Ads offers advanced insights into campaign and product performance. Whether it's structuring campaigns with inventory and margin data, implementing COGS tracking, or using custom margin tracking pixels, there's a solution for every situation.

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