Local business listings with Schema.org structured data

February 08, 2024

Improve local rankingsGetting a good ranking for your local business means offering search engines as much data about your business as possible, which local SEO helps you do. Use a generator like this Schema Markup Generator or Google’s Structured Data Helper — you can even ask ChatGPT to code structured data for you. Quickly add structured data for your local business The Local SEO plugin by Yoast gives you everything you need to do well in the local search results pages! Recommended properties for OrganizationAs LocalBusiness structured data is heavily tied to the Organization structured data, so it’s necessary to focus on that. - contactPoint.telephone (Text) - contactPoint.email (Text) numberOfEmployees (QuantitativeValue) foundingDate (Date) iso6523Code (Text) duns (Text) leiCode (Text) naics (Text) globalLocationNumber (Text) vatID (Text) taxID (Text)Example code for local business Schema.orgTo clarify how this works, we will use a real local business: Unique Vintage in Burbank, CA.

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