‘Link in bio’ platforms: Which is best for SEO?

March 07, 2023

This article will look at ‘link in bio’ platforms from an SEO perspective. ‘Link in bio’ platforms from an SEO perspectiveAlso known as “link list page” apps or “social media landing page” tools, these platforms have virtually proliferated overnight. A comparison matrix follows to help determine which link list page platforms are the best, primarily from an SEO perspective. ‘Link in bio’ platforms: A comparisonThe best ‘link in bio’ platforms ranked with the best at the top and the worst at the bottom. campsite.bio campsite.bio/[yourname] No: rel=”UGC” 35,800 lu.ma lu.ma/[yourname] No 20,500 Lu.ma is more of an online event-hosting facilitation service than a link page provider.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land