Is Generative AI the Future of Content Marketing?

March 15, 2024

Generative AI: Understanding the FundamentalsBefore we truly wrap our heads around generative AI for content marketing, it’s crucial to first understand the components of today’s discussion: content marketing and generative AI. Generative AI tools are software applications built on generative AI models that are trained on massive datasets. Meet the Robots: An Overview of Generative AI ModelsSince ChatGPT has popularized generative AI, OpenAI’s brainchild ushered in a wave of development to create apps based on their platform. Here are other ways generative AI offers expanded reach:Targeting diverse segments: Generative AI can target specific segments with laser precision. Impact of Generative AI on Content MarketingIf you’re still on the fence about using generative AI for your content creation efforts, the recent report from Deloitte Digital might change your perspective.

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