iPhone vs. Android User & Revenue Statistics (2024)

March 15, 2024

We’ll explore the latest statistics on iPhone vs Android market share, number of iPhone vs Android smartphone users, iPhone vs Android smartphone sales and more. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find on this page:iPhone vs Android Stats (Highlights)As of early 2024, Android has a 70.69% market share worldwide. Here’s a detailed breakdown of iPhone vs Android market share over time:Note: Data for 2024 is incomplete (as of February). Here’s a table with recent data on iPhone/iOS vs. Android market share in the US since 2009:Note: Data for 2024 is incomplete (as of February). Here’s a complete list of best-selling smartphones by operating system (as of 2023):Smartphone Operating System Market Share iPhone 14 iOS 3.9% iPhone 14 Pro Max iOS 2.8% iPhone 14 Pro iOS 2.4% iPhone 13 iOS 2.2% iPhone 15 Pro Max iOS 1.7% iPhone 15 Pro iOS 1.4% iPhone 15 iOS 1.4% Galaxy A14 5G Android 1.4% Galaxy A04e Android 1.3% Galaxy A14 4G Android 1.3%Source: Counterpoint ResearchConclusionYou’ve reached the end of my iPhone vs Android statistics for 2024.

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