Instagram expands Creator Marketplace to help brands find creators for ads

February 26, 2024

Instagram is expanding its Creator Marketplace, aiming to make it simpler for brands to discover creators for partnership ads. Instagram’s Creator Marketplace can help brands find the creators best suited for their campaigns, and also help creators get discovered by brands. To get started using Met’a Creator Marketplace, follow these steps:Join Instagram’s Creator Marketplace: Brands join Instagram’s Creator Marketplace in Meta Business Suite, and creators sign up via their professional dashboard in the Instagram app, indicating relevant brands and interests while showcasing their uniqueness through portfolios. Create and Launch: Once brands and creators agree, they can create partnership ads by boosting existing organic Instagram content or generating new ones in Ads Manager. This approach, facilitated by Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, offers a high-performing and transparent avenue for advertisers and creators to collaborate on running ads together.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land