Increasing SERP visibility with structured data and schema testing

September 06, 2023

A steady decline in organic click-through rate has posed a real challenge for SEOs over the last few years. With organic ranking becoming increasingly competitive, the best way SEOs can continue to excel is to shift their focus to SERP features and rich results, according to Tanner Zoromski, SEO manager at Merkle, a customer experience management company. Technical SEO is an effective way to increase this type of visibility, using structured data and schema markup. He explained:“Essentially we want to make search engines’ lives easier by using these techniques because as a result, they will reward us with our content ranking higher in the SERP and we’ll have more interaction from searchers.”Below is a summary of how structured data and schema testing can increase SERP visibility, as presented by Zoromski at SMX Advanced. Tracking performanceFrom a testing standpoint, Zoromski advised building and monitoring your own SEO testing to track performance and taking multiple factors into consideration, such as:Establishing the metrics and dimensions being impacted.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land