HTML (& Meta) Tags: Which Ones Matter the Most for SEO?

February 23, 2023

HTML tags vs. meta tags vs. attributesAlthough HTML tags, meta tags, and attributes are technically all just small pieces of code in the HTML document, they are located at different places on the web page and play different roles in SEO and content creation:1. User-generated content – tags can also help you block those parts of the content that were created by random people (e.g. With all the benefits mentioned above, let’s now take a look at the most important HTML and meta tags (and their attributes) that you should know. Robots meta tagRobots meta tags are directives that control how a page should be crawled and indexed (and displayed) in Google Search. Some people (unfortunately) still believe that Google is using keywords meta tags as an SEO ranking signal:Do you still use meta keywords tags on pages you optimize?

The source of this news is from Mangools