How to Write a Case Study: Guide with Free Template + Examples

December 25, 2023

How to Prepare a Case Study: A Step-by-Step GuidePreparing a case study involves choosing the right customers to feature in your analysis. A great case study will contain five essential elements:Without proper preparation, your case study won’t have enough details to be strongly relatable, convincing, or reassuring. How to Structure Your Case StudyFollow a standardized process when creating any business case study to ensure you:Include all the core elements Keep your page content consistent and easily navigableFollow the instructions in the case study structure section of our free template. Use These Three Case Study Examples for InspirationCaptivating case studies from other businesses can provide valuable ideas for how to write a case analysis for your brand. Tips may include:Specific case study topics to coverThe tone of voice you want to useYour case study’s visual layoutAccompanying imagery to enhance your analysisHere are three examples of great case study content to get you started.

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