How to use digital PR to drive backlinks and business growth

June 30, 2023

This creates “the digital PR flywheel,” i.e., a system that constantly feeds into itself with less required input from your side. Step 4: The digital PR flywheel starts to buildFollow the above steps, again and again, to create the digital PR flywheel – other brands willfully contact you to collaborate, so you no longer need to pitch. In 2021, Google’s John Mueller, one of the greatest authority figures in digital PR, SEO, and organic marketing, gave his own stamp of approval on digital PR link building. He encouraged brand builders to disregard misinformation that digital PR link building is part of an outdated spammy tactic by doubling down on efforts to build your own digital PR flywheel. Once the digital PR flywheel runs on its own steam, you’re well on your way to scalable growth!

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land