How to steal your competitors’ featured snippets with ChatGPT (prompts included)

June 07, 2023

I used to spend countless hours trying to optimize my content, making educated guesses on how to win those elusive featured snippets. Before we get started, if you’re completely new to featured snippets, I highly recommend reading Chris Long’s article, How to get Google featured snippets: 9 optimization guidelines, which will give you good foundational knowledge. Enter your domain and filter keywords that trigger featured snippets where your website is ranking in positions 2-5:Using SemrushGo to Organic Research. Here it is:[insert your competitor’s featured snippet]Below is my paragraph that I want to rank in the featured snippet position. Step 6: Publish your featured snippet in the best spotNow that you have an optimized featured snippet, the last step is to publish it in the best spot within your article.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land