How to Reduce the Risk of Hurting SEO During a Site Migration

January 25, 2024

Table of Contents:How to Prepare for A Successful Site MigrationCompleting a successful site migration begins way before you officially launch your new site. Understand the Risks and Prepare StakeholdersThe first step in ensuring a successful site migration is preparing stakeholders for what's about to happen. Understand the Long-Term RewardWith so much at risk, executives may hesitate to complete a site migration in the first place. For a more in-depth guide on all of the steps involved in completing a successful website migration, check out our FREE site migration checklist. Get a Complete Picture of Your Site Migration with seoClarityIn addition to our Site Audits capability to crawl and audit 301 redirects, the four seoClarity capabilities below provide the most complete picture possible of your site migration.

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