How to Prune Content

November 08, 2023

Create a Content InventoryIf you’re not using MarketMuse, then keep reading…The first step to pruning is creating a website content inventory or a document or spreadsheet that lists every content asset. Regarding creating a content inventory, you can either manually compile a list of your content on an Excel sheet or use a content strategist tool like Screaming Frog. You’ll need to separate each piece of content with some basic, relevant information to keep it organized, such as:URLTitleAuthorPublish dateContent type, such as article or blog postLearn More Take a look at our Content Inventory Template Review to see 10 popular content inventory spreadsheet templates. Make content non-indexableAnother option for pruning includes making old content non-indexable so that it doesn’t appear in search results. To prune properly, you must undergo a complete content inventory and audit, examining and analyzing your content through metrics that matter to your company’s goals and mission.

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