How to protect against and benefit from generative AI hallucinations

February 06, 2024

IBM provides the following definition for hallucinations: “AI hallucination is a phenomenon wherein a large language model—often a generative AI chatbot or computer vision tool—perceives patterns or objects that are nonexistent or imperceptible to human observers, creating outputs that are nonsensical or altogether inaccurate. “Generally, if a user makes a request of a generative AI tool, they desire an output that appropriately addresses the prompt (i.e., a correct answer to a question). What marketers should doDespite the potential challenges posed by hallucinations, generative AI offers plenty of advantages. To reduce the possibility of hallucinations, we recommend:Use generative AI only as a starting point for writing: Generative AI is a tool, not a substitute for what you do as a marketer. Run your drafts through generative AI to look for missing information.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land