How to overcome imposter syndrome in SEO and digital marketing

July 04, 2023

These emotions are the classic markings of “imposter syndrome,” a term bandied about corporate offices almost as often as words like “synergy” or “optimization.” And at this point, everyone in the digital marketing industry has heard of imposter syndrome. I surveyed over 150 digital marketers online, and 90% of the responses were positive: “Yes, I have experienced imposter syndrome in my digital marketing career.”I'm writing an article for @sengineland about the infamous imposter syndrome. Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome in a digital marketing job? I spoke with numerous professionals in the digital marketing industry about their experiences with imposter syndrome, and I’ve uncovered three perspectives to consider when you’re facing imposter syndrome:Remember: Imposter syndrome won’t just disappear. Imposter syndrome begets burnoutWhen left unchecked, imposter syndrome inevitably mutates into burnout.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land