How to optimize your product feeds with ChatGPT and FeedGen

November 04, 2023

What is product feed optimization? While the best practices can vary depending on the product category, a common approach for creating effective product titles is with the following structure:ApparelBrand + Gender + Product Type + Attributes (color, size, material)ConsumableBrand + Product Type + Attributes (weight, count)Hard goodsBrand + Product + Attributes (size, weight, quantity)ElectronicsBrand + Attribute + Product TypeBooksTitle + Type + Format (hardcover, ebook) + AuthorTo effectively optimize product titles for online retail, here are some best practices:Adopt a customer-centric approach. Optimizing a product feed with ChatGPTTo begin with AI-based feed optimization, starti with ChatGPT. Optimizing a product feed with Google FeedGenPowered by Google Cloud's advanced large language models, FeedGen is an open-source tool designed to:Enhance product titles. Dig deeper: How to set up feed rules in Google Merchant Center and ensure quality product dataChatGPT and FeedGen: Your gateway to well-optimized product feedsAI-driven tools like ChatGPT and FeedGen can significantly boost your product feed optimization efforts, offering scalability and improved data quality.

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