How to optimize for product-first results in retail Google SERPs

October 06, 2023

We are here to break down key takeaways from major retail SERP changes, including:Why is Google adapting how it serves product results to consumers in 2023. Organic product results’ rise into retail SERP prominenceIn Q1 2023, the retail industry’s SERP composition changed faster than ever before with new algorithm updates and product results rising to own more SERP real estate. Why is Google redefining retail SERP composition with product results? Google Shopping Results Tab: Once solely reserved for PLAs (product listing ads), the shopping results tab now showcases paid and organic product listings. SEO strategies for product results in retail SERPsJust because Google has shifted contextualizing product results in retail SERPs doesn’t mean SEOs must create new competencies to counteract this change.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land