How to improve enterprise-level crawling and indexing efficiency

July 16, 2023

In one instance, an ecommerce marketplace found that tens of millions of its listing pages were impacted by selective crawling and indexing. After crawling millions of thin, near-duplicate listings pages and not indexing them, Google eventually scaled back on crawling the website altogether, leaving many in “Discovered – currently not indexed” limbo. Case 2: Unforeseen consequences of crawling ceaseWhen crawling stops, unwanted content will remain in Google’s index – even if it’s changed, redirected or deleted. Case 3: The risks of over-indexing search results pagesUncontrolled indexing of large volumes of thin, low-quality pages can backfire – but what about indexing search result pages? As a result, of the sites that utilize this tactic, few impose hard limits or rules on indexing of search pages.

The source of this news is from Search Engine Land