How to Identify Featured Snippet Opportunities

June 30, 2023

Let’s look at the featured snippet for the query “What is a featured snippet,” versus the first organic result on the same page. People Also Ask sections are seen on 93.8% of Featured Snippet SERPsMoz, in the same study, noted that we usually see the PAA section whenever there’s a featured snippet. Getstat’s research revealed another interesting tidbit: In 23% of the SERPs with both PAAs and a featured snippet, the first PAA had a similar answer to the featured snippet. How to Research Featured Snippet OpportunitiesManually looking for a featured snippet opportunity is going to take a lot of time. How to Identify Featured Snippet OpportunitiesThis step-by-step guide can help you potentially win a featured snippet:Check if keywords have featured snippets.

The source of this news is from SEO Hacker