How to Fix Referral Traffic Spikes in Google Analytics 4

March 15, 2024

Strange Referral Traffic Spikes in GA4 and How to Deal with Spammy Referral TrafficNotice a huge spike in your referral traffic in the last month? Here’s how to fix referral traffic spikes in Google Analytics 4:How to Find Where Referral Traffic Comes FromGo into your traffic acquisition report on your GA4 property. How to Remove Unusual Referral Traffic From Your GA4GA4 does give you some options to fix referral traffic spikes by blocking or filtering out specific domains from your data. However, this fix can lead to traffic from these sources being tagged as direct traffic instead of referral traffic. How to Remove Existing Ghost Referral Traffic From ReportsIf you want to exclude existing ghost referral traffic data for your reports, you can create a filtered segment in the Explore tab.

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