How to Find Keywords for Local SEO

May 04, 2023

How to Find Keywords for Local SEO (A Complete Guide)What local SEO keyword research isHow to find keywords for local SEOWhat is Local Keyword Research? How to Find Keywords for Local SEOFinding local intent queriesCreating content that specifically answers local queriesWhat Are Your Services? How to Track Local Keyword RankingsFinding Keywords for Local SEO: The Bottom LineAbout The Author Darrell Mordecai Darrell is a content marketer at Rank Ranger. While working as the SEO manager at a small marketing agency, Darrell discovered his love of marketing and SEO. As far as Google is concerned, local keywords exist in a completely different keyword database than international keywords.And, since keywords really represent actual users that are searching the search engine for answers to their queries…This means the key to success in local keyword research is to find local keywords and create content that directly answers those keywords.The more accurately you can do that, the more likely your business will see success.

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