How to Find & Increase Average Time on Page in Google Analytics

February 15, 2024

Average time on page was a Google Analytics metric that helped determine how long users engaged with your website content. Average Time on Page vs. Average Engagement Time in Google AnalyticsIn the past, Google Analytics only recorded the time between a user landing on one page and navigating to another on your site. How to Find Your Website’s Average Engagement TimeTo view your website’s overall average engagement time in Google Analytics 4, click “Reports” in the left-hand navigation bar. How to Find Your Website’s Average Engagement Time per SessionTo see your average engagement time per session, click “Average engagement time per session.”This number will be slightly different from the average engagement time, as your website’s number of sessions will likely differ from your number of users. How to Find Average Engagement Time by PageYou can see a breakdown of your average engagement time by page by going to the “Average engagement time” column under “Reports” > “Life cycle” > “Engagement” > “Pages and screens.”You can sort by average engagement time, ordering them from lowest to highest, to find pages that have a low average engagement time.

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