How to Do PPC Keyword Research for Profitable CPC Campaigns

October 24, 2023

On the Keyword Manager page, click “Send keywords.” Select “All” and “PPC Keyword Tool.” Then click “Apply.”If you see a dialogue box prompting you to set up the PPC Keyword Tool, click “Set up PPC Keyword Tool.”In the text box on the PPC Keyword Tool page, type the URL of your website. Step 7: Export Your PPC Keyword CampaignThe Semrush PPC Keyword Tool makes it easy to export your keyword lists and import them into Google Ads. PPC Keyword Research FAQsDoes PPC Affect SEO? Similar to SEO keyword research, PPC keyword research requires some technical know-how and the right tools. For starters, use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to do keyword research for PPC campaigns.

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