How to Do Keyword Clustering & Why It Helps SEO

May 04, 2023

For example, people searching “king size mattress” and “king mattress” are shopping for the same type of product. How to Do Keyword ClusteringLearn how to do keyword clustering, step by step:Step 1: Build a Keyword ListTo do keyword clustering, you need a list of relevant keywords. Also note the following keyword cluster metrics, which you can find in Keyword Manager:Total volumeAverage keyword difficultyPrimary keyword volumePrimary keyword difficultyIf you’re using a spreadsheet, you’ll need to calculate total volume and average keyword difficulty using a pivot table or formula. In our example, it makes sense to focus on the “king size mattress” keyword cluster before the “king measurements” cluster. Target Keyword Clusters with SemrushSemrush has all the keyword clustering tools you need to establish and improve rankings:Find keywords with Keyword Magic Tool and Organic ResearchCategorize keywords in Keyword ManagerCreate optimized content with the Content Marketing PlatformMonitor SEO performance in Position TrackingCreate your free account to get started.

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